Eddy’s Special Killer Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Eddy’s Special Killer Tomato Sauce:

20 x Roma tomato
1 bunch fresh basil leave – about 25 leaves
4 x Shallots
1x sweet Walla Walla onion
10 x cloves of garlic
Extra Virgin oil

2 x cookie trays

Roughly chop up fresh basil, shallot, garlic, and onion and spread it evenly on cookie trays. Cut tomato to halve and place it face up on top of the onion/shallot/basil/shallot mixture. Dash a generous amount of extra virgin oil all over the tomato and sprinkle sea salt and fresh crack black pepper on top.

Pre-heat oven to 375 F0 and bake the tomato for 90 minutes. After the trays are cool of, scrap the content from one tray to a food processor and blend it to a sauce. Repeat the same procedure with the second tray. Drain the sauce to a medium size pot and simmer it for alt least three hours under low heat. (this procedure can further reduce the acidity of the tomato) Leave it on the stove top over night (without opening the top) and simmer it again the next day for another two hours.

Now the sauce is ready for your pasta or you can make it into meat sauce or meat ball recipe.

Italian meat ball with tomato sauce:

½ LB ground beef
½ LB ground pork
½ LB ground veal
½ cup fine bread crumb
1 tea spoon of sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 large egg
1/8 cup of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano
½ tea spoon of mince garlic
¼ cup of water

Mix the above ingredients well in a bowl and use your palm to make a slightly flatten meat ball. (don’t make it too perfectly round as you can’t brown it properly).

Heat up a medium size cooking pot (well seasoned) and pour small amount of vegetable oil in it. Brown both side of meat ball and pour your pre-made tomato sauce in it and simmer it under low heat for about four hours.

Prepare you favour pasta and pour sauce with meat ball on top. Sprinkle fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on top and serve with some good quality fresh bread.


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