Grilled New York Steak or T-Bone Steak (Steak Florentina)


Florentina Steak

Rib Eye Steak with Demiglaze

I don’t have a recipe for this grilled New York steak.  Instead I am going to talk about the cooking method.  First, I prefer to use Alberta grain fed AAA or USDA prime beef  (If you can find an Italian butcher shop, ask for Florentina steak – the best quality Italina T-Bone steak).  In order to intensify the taste of the beef, you can air dry the beef (whole loin) in a large walk-in cooler for 14 days and trim off the outside dry portion before cooking it.  Trust me, you will feel like a King!!!

For steak rub, I prefer to use a brand called “Salt and Herbs mix for meat” from Olivers Co.


I came across this store in Paris near the Picasso Museum.  I bought rubs for both meat and fish.  They carry some of the best olive oils as well.  It enhances the taste of the meat tremendously.  If you don’t have this rub, use Fluer de sel (sea salt) and some fresh ground black peppers.

For cooking the steak, I prefer to use a cast iron frying pan from Lodge.


You can heat up this pan to a very high temperature in order to sear the steak very quickly, 20 seconds for each side.  The other method is to turn up your  BBQ grill to high to sear your steak.  Please don’t use a “Teflon” pan for high heat cooking. There has been studies to link “Teflon” to various cancers.   During high heat, the nonstick coating begins to decompose, releasing one or more of 15 different toxins. This is not only true of Teflon pans, but of all brands of nonstick cookware.    Lodge cast iron pan doesn’t cause the same problem under high heat.  If you follow the factory instruction when you buy it new, it’ll become non-stick for life.  So you can use it to grill fish without having the sticking problem.

Pre-heat your oven to 450º F and place your steak in the oven, medium rare for 7 minutes and 15 minutes for well done.  Take your steak out and let it rest for five minutes before serving.

Please note:

The same cooking method can also apply to pork chop, veal chop and fish.  This half grill and half bake method can make the meat very tender.  Try it!!!


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