Oven Roasted Centre Cut Pork Chop with Tomato Sauce and Greek Salad

Pork chop


Thick cut centre cut pork chop (1 1/4 inch thick)                    x2

Tomato sauce (see my Killer tomato sauce recipe)                 6 Table spoons.

Season pork chop with sea salt and fresh ground peper.  Spread a thin layer of French dejong mustard on one side.  Prepare bread crumb (see Rack of Lamb recipe) on a plate.  Put pork chop with mustard side down and press it down to make sure there is enough bread crumb stick to the surface.

Pre-heat oven to 400 F.  Heat up a thick bottom cast iron pan to medium heat, pour two table spoons of vegatable oil in the pan.  Place the pork chop (bread crumb side up) on the pan for about 30 seconds.  Put the entire cast iron pan inside the oven for ten minutes.  After ten minutes, take the pan out and let it rest for at least five to ten minutes before serving.


Serving ideas:

Why not some Greek sald with goat feta cheese……….or a Caesar salad……..or just a plain organic green salad!!!


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