How to make beef, chicken or vegetable stock

Stock is a very important part of cooking because it’ll enhance the taste of a dish, sauce or soup.  I usually make a big pot and use smaller containers to store it in my freezer for future use.   I don’t put any salt in my stock so you can adjust the taste during your cooking process.


Beef neck or hip bone (with cartilage and meat attach to it)                       10 lbs

ask your butcher to cut it up to big pieces

Meat from Chuck or blade (big pieces)                                                                     4 lbs

Aromatic vegetables:

Garlic                                                                                                                                ½ cloves

Sweet onion                                                                                                                   1x

Leek                                                                                                                                  1x

Carrot                                                                                                                               2x

Red pepper                                                                                                                     1x

Fennel                                                                                                                               1x

Shallot                                                                                                                               6x

Italian parsley                                                                                                               1 bunch

Celery                                                                                                                                4 stocks

Bouquet Garni                                                                                                            2 bunches

Bouquet Garni is a bouquet of cooking herbs : thyme, oregano, savory, enveloped with bay leaves and attached by a small string.

You can buy from O & CO through mail order or from their retail locations.

Pre heat oven to 450ºF and roast the bone and meat for an hour or until brown.  Take it out and let it cool off for a few minutes.

Under high heat on the stove, use a big pot (20 liters) & pour ½ cup of olive oil in it.  Cut up all the above vegetables and put it in the pot.  Gently stir it constantly until it begins to caramelize (natural sugar from vegetable turn brown and becomes sweet).  Use ¾ bottle of red wine to deglaze (a process using a liquid to remove cooked-on residue from a pan/pot).  When you can smell the alcohol is no longer in the liquid, pour about 15 liters of water in the pot.  This procedure would add intense flavor to the stock.  When you see the water is boiling, put it beef bones and meat to the liquid and turn heat down to medium low.  Let it simmer for at least six hours under low heat.  Skim all the fat from the surface and use a colander to filter out everything and drain the liquid to another container.  After the stock is completely cool off, transfer it to smaller boxes for storage in freezer. 

For Chicken stock: 

Replace beef with two to three stewing hens (each one should weight about three to four lbs)  and a white win to deglaze and follow the same procedure through out. 

For vegetable stock: 

Just triple the amount vegetable and use a white wine to deglaze.   

Note:  Please feel free not to use any wines to deglaze if you are a religious person or having wine allergy.


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