Baked Jumbo Prawns in Herb Butter, Soffrito and Roasted Yukon Potatos

Baked Jumbo Prawn
Jumbo Prawn before baking

This is a very easy and simply recipe and I can assure you to have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.  Also you can use left over herb butter for serving steak in the next day.

12x Jumbo Prawns (Green tiger prawn)            4-6 size (4-6 prawns/pound)

Herb butter –

1/4 lb unsalted butter

1/2 tea spoon minced garlic

1/2 tea spoon chopped shallot

1/8 tea spoon Herbes de Provence

1/8 tea spoon chopped fresh (or dry) terragon

1/8 tea spoon Kosher salt

pinch of freshly grounded black pepper

Mix the above ingredients in butter and spread it on top of prawns. Squeeze 1/4 fresh lemon juice all over.   Put it in a pre-heated 475ºF oven for five minutes and switch to broil for another five minutes and serve.

Please see my other page for Soffrito recipe.


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