Grilled Pacific Ocean Red Snapper, Red Beets Soffritto, Maple Syrup Glazed Baby Carrots and Pan Fried Yukon Potato

Grilled Pacific Ocean Red Snapper

If you want to try the true taste of  ocean fresh, Red Snapper is the fish of first choice.   It is firm, flakey, refreshing, and inexpensive.  You can buy Red Snapper steak or filet in almost every fish store.  I like using snapper steak because I think the fish bone deliveries extra taste after cooking.  However, don’t buy frozen or previously frozen snapper.  When you are in the fish store, look for a steak or filet that is shinny with fresh blood still oozing from the back bone.   Cooking Red Snapper is very easy!  Anyone with basic cooking skill can make an impressive fish dinner.

2x Red snapper steak (I prefer the section right after the belly)

Pinch of Olivier Salt & Herb mix for fish (or you can use Fleur de Sel De Guerande- French Sea Salt and fresh grounded pepper)

Corn Flour (this is the special secret ingredient )

Salt and Herb Mix for Fish
Fleur de Sel

Wash the fish and dry with paper towel.  Season the fish and dust both side with flour.  Turn stove to medium, heat up a flat bottom cast iron pan.  Pour six table spoons of vegetable oil in the pan.  When you see some light smoke coming from the pan, put the fish in and let it cook for three to four minutes or unit golden brown.  Flip over the fish and cook the side for another three to four minutes and it is done.  Serve with tartar sauce and fresh lemon. (please see my salmon page for tartar sauce recipe)


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  1. Katlene says:

    Hey the dish looks amazing! I was just wondering how you made the beet soffritto?

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