Braised beef short ribs in red and port wine sauce, Pappardelle pasta

Beef short ribs           2 lbs

Dry red wine               1 cup

Port                                 1 cup

Beef stock                     1 cup

Cumin powder

Pinch of Kosher salt

Chopped shallot           1 tbs

Chopped garlic             1 tbs

Fresh grounded black pepper

Cooking instruction:

Rub small amount of cumin, kosher salt and black pepper on short rib.  Heat pan to medium and pour two table spoons of vegetable oil, brown the ribs all four sides.  Take ribs out on a plate and turn heat down to low.  Put shallot and garlic in pan for a few minutes but don’t burn it.  Turn heat back up to high and deglaze the pan with beef stock, red and port wine.  Bring to boil and place ribs back to pan and cover it.  Place pan in a 220ºF oven for four hours.  Take ribs out and skim the fat from the sauce, reduce it to 1/4.  Put 1/8 tbs of lemon zest, turn off heat. Quickly whisk 1/2 stick (1/8 lb) of unsalted butter to thicken sauce.  Add salt to taste if necessary.  Put already cooked pasta in sauce and put ribs back before serving.  Sprinkle Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and dinner is served.


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