Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken Dinner

Southern Fried Chicken – In frying pan almost ready
Southern Fried Chicken – Pan Fried
Southern Fried Chicken – with flour coating
Southern Fried Chicken – with spicey salt mix

Southern Fried Chicken - dripping

Southern Fried Chicken – soak in butter milk

 Southern Fried Chicken

I have done fried chicken recipes in many ways but this Southern Fried Chicken version is my favorite one.  It is easy to make, juicy, tender, also gives you that crispy coating when serving and you will always ask for an extra one.  Butter milk is used in this version for two purposes, tenderizes the chicken and gives that crispy coating when serving.  I call this pan-fried (not deep-fried) because the amount of oil to use should not cover 1/2 of the chicken pieces when cooking in a deep cast iron pan.


2x small chicken cut into big pieces (2 lbs or less gives better taste with bones)

1 liter butter milk

2 cups of Flour, can use corn flour as option

3/4 cup of vegetable oil


Kosher salt                                              4 teaspoons

Garlic powder                                         4 teaspoons

Freshly grounded black pepper      ½ teaspoon

Cayenne pepper                                     ½ teaspoon(omit if cook for children)

Paprika                                                       ½ teaspoon


Cut chicken into big pieces, pour butter milk and let it soaks over night in the fridge.  An hour before cooking put the chicken on a rack and let it drip away excess butter milk for half an hour.  Sprinkle seasoning over the chicken and just let it sit there for half an hour to allow taste to penetrate.  Coat it with flour and shake off excess amount.

Pour oil in a pre-heated (medium) cast iron skillet and transfer chicken pieces to pan one by one.  Make sure oil only covers ½ the chicken (pan-fried vs. deep-fried).  Turn over chicken when the side is golden brown.  Take chicken out and place it on a cookie rack to allow excess oil dripping.  Serve when it is hot.


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  1. Blog Smith says:

    This looks good. Thank you for sharing, Eddy. Victor

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