Korean style B.B.Q. Chicken (Galbi), with Banchan (condiments)

Korean Style BBQ Chicken with Condiments
Korean Style BBQ Chicken, on the grill
Grill preparation


1 Organic chicken (debone and cut into strip)

Korean Banchan (condiments), select four to five kinds from a Korean market

Mixed soybean paste, available in all Korean market


Chopped onion                4 table spoons

Chopped ginger               1 table spoon

Chopped garlic                1 table spoon

Chopped green onion      2 table spoons

Chopped shallot                 1 table spoon

Kikkoman soy sauce         ¼ cup

Sugar                                       ¼ cup

Salt                                           1 tea spoon

Sesame oil                             2 table spoons


Put marinade in food processor (except sesame oil) blend into thick sauce.  Pour sesame oil last to mixture and mix it thoroughly.  Transfer marinade to a mixing bowl and add chicken strips.  Keep in fridge for an hour.  Place a large sheet of aluminum foil over your barbeque set and puncture small holes all over.  Turn on your barbeque set to high and wait till it is really hot.  Quickly transfer chicken strip to the hot aluminum foil surface for four to five minutes and turn chicken strip over and cook the other side for another four to five minutes.  Chicken should be ready when you see burn marks.  Transfer chicken onto a plate and sprinkle sesame seed on top before serving.

When serving Korean style barbeque, it is customary to serve with Banchan (condiments), bean paste and some soy sauce.  Also you can serve broad leave lettuce and plain rice with your chicken.  Very often they put some rice; banchan, bean paste, and chicken on the lettuce leave and eat it like a wrap.


You can use the same marinade for beef, (bulgogi), beef ribs or pork dishes.  Serving style is the same with many banchan side dishes.  Oh, don’t forget to buy some “Kimchi” when you eat Korean food!


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  1. Victor says:

    This looks lovely Eddy.
    Thank you for sharing.

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