Barbeque Chicken

Backyard Barbeque Chicken

Barbeque Chicken

1 x organic chicken (about three pounds cut to half)

Sprinkle chicken rub all over chicken, skin and bone side, and let it sits for half an hour.  Turn up barbeque set to high for 15 minutes and turn it down to low.  Place chicken on grill skin side down and pull down the BBQ cover and let it cook for 25 minutes to half an hour.  Turn over the chicken (skin side up) and let it cook for 10 minutes with cover down.  Use a brush to brush barbeque sauce on chicken skin and cover it again for 15-20 minutes.  Watch out for grease fire, have a water spray bottle handy in case of flare up.  When chicken is ready, serve with some more barbeque sauce on the side.  Dinner is READY!!

Chicken Rub:

Kosher salt                                                1/4 cup

Brown suger                                              1/8 cup

Garlic powder                                            2 Table spoon

Celery powder                                           2 Table spoon

Herbes de provence                                1 tea spoon

Thyme                                                           1/2 tea spoon

Paprika                                                          1/2 tea spoon

Freshly ground Black pepper               1/2 tea spoon

Cumin powder                                             1/2 tea spoon

Mix the above items in a small dry bowl and store it in an air tight jar for future use.

Barbeque Sauce:

Apple Cider                                                ¼ cup

Ketchup                                                       1 cup

Dark brown sugar                                    ½ cup

Maple syrup                                                ¼ cup

Red wine vinegar                                       ¼ cup

Fresh lemon juice                                       1 tablespoon

Worcestershire sauce                               2 teaspoons

HP sauce                                                        ¼ cup

Garlic, minced                                             3 cloves

Shallot, minced                                           1 clove

Fresh ginger, minced                                 ½ teaspoon

Dijon mustard                                               1 tablespoon

Hot peper flake                                             1 teaspoon (if you like the heat)

Salt and pepper to taste.

In a medium size cooking pot, use small amount of olive oil to sauté the garlic, shallot and ginger for two minutes.  Pour the rest of the ingredients to the pot, mix well and let it cook under medium heat for 15 minutes.  Let is cool off and store in freezer for future use.


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