Mobile Cooking School (無比烹飪學校) Chinese Recipes – back from 1966 by Miss Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅)

Please check out these recipes!  They are some of the most original and oldest Chinese recipes from Miss Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅).  Some of recipes don’t exist any more due to method changes or lack of cooking ingredients.  I have kept these recipes for 45 years and it is my honor and privilege to share it with all of you in a PDF file.  These recipes are the foundation of my Chinese cooking knowledge.  Please feel free to download them and let me know how it works!

Mobile Cooking School Chinese Recipes


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  1. Kon Soon says:

    It is sorry to let you know that some of the pages of this fine recipes are not completely scanned in, bottom part of the pages are missing out. Don’t know whether you could kindly re-scan them for distribution again. Thank you in advance.

  2. Sandra Gee says:

    Oh My Gosh!! This is awesome! I can’t read any of it except for “Heavenly Cheese Cake” and “Wesson”!!

    I am 1st generation Chinese in Texas — my parents came to the US in the late 1940’s. These notes are a visual representation of conversation in my parents’ house: my parents speak Toishan dialect Chinese but every once in a while, their conversation is sprinkled with “hamburger” and “taco”.

    I am enjoying your blog. Thanks to you, beef tendon stew is simmering on the stovetop for dinner.

  3. Olivia says:

    Thanks your sharing. Will check with my mother. I remember ate it when young. For example, 梅子鵝丶錦鹵云吞丶五柳魚 and some dessert.

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