Szechuan Style Brine Water Duck Smoke Duck 川式滷水煙鴨

How can you intensify a recipe to a higher level with extra flavour and taste?  This is the challenge!  What you will see here is to make an ordinary duck recipe to a head turning plate.  It takes a little time and equipment to make this recipe.  However the brine water can last up till 15 years. (skim the fat, boil it, cool it and keep it in the freezer)  Just add  some spices,  salt, sugar and a little soy sauce from time to time to preserve it’s flavour.

Key points:

  • Make sure the brine water is boiling before put the duck in it.
  • Turn the duck often (every 15 minutes) to give it a more even color.
  • Make sure you soak the hickory wood at least 1/2 hour.
  • You can soak the hickory wood with wine to give it another layer if flavour.


光鴨一只     1 duck          約4磅   about four lbs

滷水料:  Brine water

陳皮     Dry orange peel        1片  1 piece

八角     Star anise                    5粒   5 pieces

沙薑      kaempferol                 5粒 5 pieces

花椒      Qin pepper                10粒  10 pieces

蒜頭      Garlic                             5粒  5 pieces

生薑       Fresh Ginger              4大片  4 pieces

玉桂       Cinnamon                    1塊      1 piece

生葱      Green Onion               2枝       2 stalks

老抽       Dark soy sauce          1 ¼ 杯    1 1/4 cup

冰糖       Rock sugar                  1 磅          1 lb

鹽            Salt                                3/4杯      3/4 cup


燒 熱約5公斤清水至沸騰, 把以上滷水料放入滷水袋中, 再放入煲中, 加入老抽, 冰糖, 鹽, 用文火煲大約一小時至滷水有香味, 放入光鴨, 可把爐火轉為大火至滷水再沸騰, 再次轉為文火, 用大叉把鴨在滷水中反轉多次以便上色, 放上煲蓋, 每十五分鐘反轉鴨一次, 大約一小時半左右, 把鴨拿出滷水放上碟中, 等待凍後切件食用, 食時可加入少許滷水汁.

食用時最好用白醋再加入少許生抽, 蒜碎伴食.

本人喜歡在煮鴨時加入豆腐, 珍肝,及雞蛋入滷水中若半小時, 以便入味, 取起後等待冷卻切片食用.  又可左滷水中加進鴨翼煮一小時, 即可成為潮州滷水鴨翼.

用完滷水後可把鴨油撇去以待日後再用, 再用之時可加入少許冰糖,及鹽.  這滷水可重複使用多次.  傳說中有十五年滷水, 信不信由你!

Heat up about 5 liter of water till boiling; add soy sauce, rock sugar and salt .   Use a cheese cloth to make a bag, put all the above dry spices in the bag and put it in the water.  Turn down the heat to low for at least an hour so the flavour blends in together.  Turn up the heat to high.  Put in the duck and turn it over several times so the color can goes on evenly.  Make sure the brine water is boiling again and turn the heat back to low and turn it over every 15 minutes.  Cook the duck for about 1 1/2 hours.  Take the duck out and let it cool off.

Smoking procedures:

Hickory wood chips       山核桃木屑         1 cup (soak in water for 1/2 hr before smoking)

Maple syrup                       楓樹糖漿             1 table-spoon

Brown sugar slab              紅糖板                 x1

Liu An tea                           六安茶                 2 table-spoon

Put the already soaked hickory wood in the tray (I like to line it with foil paper for easy cleaning afterward), add maple syrup.  Place the tray on one side of the BBQ grill with a burner under it.   Put the duck on the other side of the BBQ set with a foil paper under it to catch the fat drips.  Turn on the burner on to high. (the burner with the hickory chip on top)   Close the BBQ lid and let the smoky flavour circulate inside the enclosed BBQ set for about 1/2 hr.  You will see the color of the duck turns at least two shades darker.  The smoky flavour and the taste of the brine can drive anyone crazy…………..!  Dinner is ready!

Smoking Ingredients
Smoking tray
Duck before smoking
Duck after smoking
Smoke duck dinner is ready

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