Braised duck with Beijing green onion – 京葱扒大鴨

This is a very famous dish from the Northern region of China.  It is most enjoyable in a cold winter night when family is getting together because this dish is meant for sharing.  The thick sauce and the heavy aroma from the green onions can certainly bring up your appetite and warm up your body.  The word “Braise” in Chinese cooking has one simple meaning: slow cooking to make the ingredients tender.  This dish can easily be made a day or two in advance so it is perfect for having guests coming over for dinner and you can spend time with your friends and not cooking in the kitchen.  If you don’t like the onions, you can use taro, potato, or plum sauce.

Braised duck with Beijing green onion – 京葱扒大鴨

Key Points:

  • I like to use free range duck as it has less fat under the skin.  It is difficult to skim the fat out from the sauce after cooking as it’ll blend it together.
  • Use a variety of green onion called Beijing green onion京葱 (see picture-the long white onion).  It has a stronger taste and it adds to the aroma of the dish.
  • I like to serve with Mantou 饅頭 (Chinese steamed bun) so I can pick up the sauce from the plate.  You might not need to wash your dishes after dinner!



Free range duck                     x1 4 lbs

Beijing green onion                x 2

Green onion                           1 bunch

Shallots                                  x 2

Garlic cloves                          x2

Ginger                                    1 big piece cut into slices

Anise                                      x2

Corn oil or peanut oil              4 cups

The sauce:

Dark soy sauce                      x 6 table spoons

Light soy sauce                      x 4 table spoons

Oyster sauce                          x 4 table spoons

Rock sugar                             x 1 piece

Water                                      x 6 cups

Cooking method:

Wash and pad dry the duck thoroughly.  Use a small brush to brush two table spoons of dark color soy sauce on the duck skin.  Heat up the oil in a pot or wok to medium high and place the duck in the wok.  Be careful during this step as the bubble from the boiling oil might burn your skin.  Always good to let the duck drip dry a few minutes before putting it to the hot oil.  Turn the duck over when you see the skin color has turned red.  You can take the duck out from the oil once you see the color is medium dark red all over.  Empty the oil from the wok but leave a couple of spoons in it.  Put all the onions, ginger, and garlic in the wok and quickly stir fry it for a few minutes and use two table spoons of yellow cooking wine to deglaze the pan. (it adds aroma to the sauce) Empty the wok and place the onions on a plate.

Pour in water and the rest of the sauce in the wok.  Put the duck back in the wok after the sauce starts boiling.  Cover it with a lid and let it braise for two hours. (turn the duck over every half an hour)  Put on half of the cooked onions in the sauce after one and a half hour during braising so the intense aroma can infuse into the sauce.   Take the duck out – very carefully as it might fall apart – and put it on a serving plate.  You have two options; cut up the duck into bite size before serving or serve it whole. I like to serve the whole duck because it is so tender that you can pick it apart with a fork.  Reduce the sauce to half and place the rest of the cooked onions in the sauce.  Pour the sauce over the duck before serving.  Garnish it with shredder green onion………..dinner is ready!


走地鴨                一只約四磅

京葱                    二支

生薑                  一大塊

青葱                  十支

大蒜                  四塊

乾葱                  一塊

油                     二公斤


老抽                    六湯匙

生抽                    四湯匙

蠔油                  四湯匙

冰糖                  一塊

八角                  二片

把鴨洗淨, 用紙或布擦乾, 用刷子把老抽在鴨上色(約二湯匙), 在一隻鐵鍋中放下二杯油, 先燒至八成熱, 小心放鴨入油鍋, 將鴨炸至上深紅色, 反轉鴨再炸至深紅色, 把鴨拿出油鍋放在盆子上後用, 把熱油收入容器, 放入二湯匙油, 用大中火抄香青葱, 薑, 蒜, 乾葱, 京葱及八角, 放入黃酒以加添香味, 把所有葱薑放上盤中後用.

在一隻熱鐵鍋中放下六杯氷, 放下鴨, 放入所有調味, 老抽, 生抽, 蠔油, 冰糖在鍋中, 看到氷沸騰, 收慢火至中下, 放上鍋蓋燜煮約一小時半, 把鴨拿出油鍋放在盆子上, 放入已抄香的青葱, 薑, 蒜, 乾葱, 京葱及八角, 用中大火把醬油燒干一半, 鴨可切片, 或可用全鴨上, 放上葱薑醬油在鴨上, 加上少許葱絲, 現可享用京葱扒大鴨!

Free range duck
wash and pad dry
dark soy sauce
Color the duck with dark soy sauce

Beijing Green onion (the long one)

Hot oil

Chopped green onions and soy sauce
Duck after hot oil bath showing deep red color
Stir fried green onion in wok
Duck back in soy sauce mixture ready for braising
Duck after two hours of braising, soft and tender
Return half the already sitr fried green onion to the sauce, put the rest of the green onion at the end of the reduction
京葱扒大鴨 – Braised duck with Beijing green onion; dinner is ready!


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