Chicken, Mushroom and Sausage Hotpot Rice,冬菇臘腸走地雞煲仔飯

This is a very traditional Hong Kong “Bistro” style cuisine.  You’ll never find it in a big fancy full service restaurant.  However it is one of the most popular “Winter” comfort food in Southern China region.   In Hong Kong, you will find the chef actually cooking hotpot rice outside the restaurants with several hot clay pots in a row at the same time, this also helps to attract people to eat in their restaurant.

Most of you would be familiar with various types of hotpot: Swiss cheese fondue, Japanese shabu shabu, sukiyaki, Korean Stone bowl rice, etc. In hotpot style cooking, you can retain the heat and temperature of the food for a longer time.

Hotpot rice is absolutely a traditional and authentic Cantonese cuisine. The rice is steamed in a clay hot pot with fragrant foods on top.  Generally, on the top of the rice is often put different kinds of Chinese preserved meat, and as the rice being streamed, both the aroma of the preserved meats and the scent of the clay pot permeate the rice.

I am using chicken today but you can also use pork spareribs in black bean sauce, or salty fish with minced pork.

Important Points:

  1. It is all right to let the bottom of the rice to “burn” a little to achieve a special “charred” aroma
  2. Use a mix ½ and ½ long grain rice and Thai jasmine rice
  3. Use plenty of fresh ginger as this is the soul behind this dish
Chicken Hotpot Rice

Serve four


Free range chicken legs                   x4 (boneless but skin on and cut into chunk)

Chinese sausages                                   x2 (1x pork and 1x liver)

Chinese preserved duck leg              x1

Chinese preserved pork belly          x1

Green onion                                            x2 (chopped)

Fresh ginger                                          1 large piece ( ½ minced and ½ cut in pieces)

Rice                                                          4x cups

Chinese mushroom                            4 large cap (pre-soak overnight) or fresh shitake mushroom


Light soy sauce                                   2 teaspoons

Oyster sauce                                       2 teaspoons

Kosher salt                                           ½ teaspoons

White sugar                                         1 teaspoons

White pepper                                       ½ teaspoon

Minced ginger                                      2 teaspoons

Yellow cooking wine                              2 soupspoons

Sesame oil                                            1 teaspoon

Water                                                     3 soupspoons

Cornstarch                                             2 teaspoons

Soy sauce for finishing product:

Dark color soy sauce                            2 soupspoons

Light color soy sauce                            1 soupspoons

White sugar                                              3 soupspoon

Water                                                         6 soupspoons

Cornstarch                                              3 teaspoons (mix with the same among of water)

Combine chicken, and all marinades to a large bowl for mixing. Set aside for ½ hour before using.  Wash the rice and add appropriate amount of water. (Usually one cup of rice for one cup of water)   Turn stove on to hot and season the clay pot.  When you see smoke starting to come out, pour a little oil and rinse all over.  This’ll condition the clay bottom so rice won’t stick to the pot bottom.  Still under high heat, pour the washed rice with the right amount of water to the clay pot. Stir frequently in the first few minutes to avoid burring.  After the rice mixture starts boiling, turn the heat down to medium low for five minutes.  Put all the sausages, preserved meat, and mushroom to the top of the half cooked rice, cover it with the top. Let it cook for at least 10 minutes under medium and low heat.

In a separate big wok, heat up some water.  When the rice is 80% done on the stove, move the whole pot to the wok side.  (make sure the water is boiling)   Transfer all the chicken chunks to the top of the pot evenly so heat can penetrate down.  Place all the remaining fresh ginger pieces on top.  Cover the wok and let it steam for at least ten minutes.

Once it is done, removes the ginger pieces, take out the mushrooms, chicken and preserved sausages out onto a clean plate. Drizzle a little special soy sauce on top of the rice.  Sprinkle some chopped green onion; Dinner is ready.

Dry preserved sausages, mushroom, and fresh ginger
Free range chicken leg
First cook the rice under high heat for five minutes, stir the bottom
After five minutes stir it once again
Slice the mushroom if it is too big
Pre the chicken with marinades and minced ginger/yellow wine
Put all marinades in the chicken
mix it well and set aside for half an hour
Put sausages and mushroom to rice and turn the heat down to medium low for ten minutes
Transfer the pot to the wok side when it is boiling with steam coming out
Transfer the marinaded chicken on top of the sausages and mushroom
Chicken is now in place
Put plenty of freshly sliced ginger pieces on top of everything and cover the wok
Steam for ten minutes under high heat, take the ginger out when done
Transfer the chicken, sausages and mushroom to a serving plate
Drizze a little soy sauce on top of the rice and the chicken, sprinkle some green onion on top
Chicken, Mushroom and Sausage Hotpot Rice, 冬菇臘腸走地雞煲仔飯 is now ready

2 Comments Add yours

  1. When I read this post, I couldn’t help but “like” it–it made me miss all the things I used to eat as a child when I ate home-style Chinese everyday. I love all types of food, but good Cantonese food just speaks to my heart! Nice photography and well-written. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Priscilla says:

    What a mouth watering classic dish! Thank you Eddy for selflessly sharing all the tips and how-tos to make this recipe easy to follow and foolproof. =)

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