The six sercets of making a perfect congee, 煮靚粥六大秘訣:

Congee is as important in China as cereal in the West.  Traditionally we serve congee on Sunday morning when everyone is at home having a good time.  So congee is not only a food item for a Chines family but also a tool for relationship bonding mechanism.  I still miss the congee and fried noodle from my mother’s cooking and fighting and noise with my siblings.

The six secrets of making Congee:



第一: 浸泡—-










第三: 火候—-



第四: 攪拌






第五:  點油—


最後:  底、料分煮—–



The six secrets of making Congee:

  1. Soak the rice for at least an hour for easy cooking.  It’ll save time when cooking.
  2. Boil the water first before adding the rice.
  3. Cook under high heat first for half an hour; watch out for over flowing by leaving a small gap when cover the lid.  Turn the heat down to medium after half an hour and keeping it for another twenty minutes to half an hour.  Stir occasionally.  Turn the heat down to medium low and start stirring frequently.  Stirring now has turn into a critical step to make your congee a success.  Every time you stir, stir the bottom and scrap the rice that sticks to the bottom.  This is not the burned rice in the bottom of the pot; it is the thick gooey texture settle to the bottom.  Stir very often and scrap the bottom as well.  If you don’t do this procedure, you’ll get burned congee.
  4. When stirring the congee, stir in one direction.  Stirring serves two purposes: avoid sticking the bottom and breaking down the rice into a thick gooey texture.
  5. When congee is about done, added a little bit of cooking oil, it’ll make the congee smooth as silk.
  6. What you have just cook is the foundation of the congee.  After the foundation is fully down in about three hours, now you can add you meat such as chicken, scallop, fish or whatever you like.  Finally add salt and fish sauce before serving.  In a serving bowl, add a few drops of sesame oils and a few julienned ginger before pouring the congee to a serving bowl.  Add a little chopped green onion and cilantro on top.  Some people like to add some crispy things like peanut to enhance he texture.

Note:  You can speed up the process by using a hand held blender.  This should shave half an hour of your cooking time.

I would use one cup of (measuring cup) uncooked rice and four litres of chicken stock to start.  You can add boiling water later if need step by step.  It is easier to make it thinner by adding water than making it too thin to start with.


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