Dungeness Crab in Ginger and Green Onion Sauce, with egg noodle – 上湯薑蔥焗西岸大蟹 (生麵底)

When you come to the West Coast of North America, from California to British Columbia, you must try the Dungeness Crab.  It is one of the meatiest crabs in the world.  It weighs about 2-3 pounds and the body is full of firm but yet tasty meat.  However it is illegal to eat female crab in most places for conservation purpose.  Dungeness crab is so famous in the West Coast that it is the main attraction in the San Francisco Fisherman Wharf, the Oregon New Port crab cooker and the Seattle Pike Market seafood market.  Dungeness Crab is available all year round but the best months are February, June and October.

Key Points:

  • Buy crab at least two pounds or more.  I prefer to see a three pounder.
  • Feel the legs; make sure the shell rock hard.
  • Select the crab with a light color top shell.  They come from the sandy bottom instead of rocky bottom.
Dungeness Crab in Ginger and Green Onion Sauce, with egg noodle

You can follow the same procedures to prepare lobster.

Atlantic Lobster with Ginger and Onion Sauce, Egg Noodle


Dungeness crab 2 ½ – 3 lbs       x1

Ginger                                    6 large pieces

Green onion                         1 bunch (cut into 3-inch pieces)

Regular sweet onion           ½ (cut into long pieces)

Shallot                                   2x (cut into pieces)

Garlic                                     2 pieces

Fresh wonton noodle         5-6 portions (one round ball is one portion)

Chicken stock                       1 ½ cups (unsalted)

Regular flour                        ½ cup

Chinese yellow cooking wine          2 tablespoons

Oil                                          3 cups (corn or peanut oil)


Chicken stock                      ¼ cup (unsalted)

Oyster sauce                       2 teaspoons

Fish sauce                            2 teaspoons

Salt                                        ¼ teaspoon

Sugar                                    ¼ teaspoon

Corn starch                         1 tablespoon

White pepper                      1/8 teaspoon

Sesame oil                            ½ teaspoon


Cut up the crab (body) into six pieces and coat it with flour, set aside.  Cut the crawl to half.  Use the flat side of the craver (knife) to break the hard shell.   Heat up oil to medium to high and put crab pieces into oil for three minutes.  At this time the crab is not fully cook.  Take crab out and put it in a colander so excess oil can drain out.  Put the crab top shell in the hot oil and cook for five minutes.  Take it out and set aside.

At this time you should have a big pot of hot water ready for the noodle.

Pour the oil in a container and return two tablespoons back to the wok.  Put the garlic, ginger, shallot, onion and green onion to the hot wok and quickly stir fry it for a minute, add wine to enhance the taste.  Take everything out from the wok.  Pour  1 ½ cup of chicken stock in the wok and bring it to boil.  Add the crab pieces to the boiling stock and return all the cooked onion, ginger etc. on top of the crab.  Put the crab top shell on top of everything.  Cover the wok with a lid and let it cook for three to four minutes (or when you can see the steam coming out from the side of the lid)

Put the noodle in the hot water and stir quickly. Cook for 10 seconds and drain the water.  Pour two tablespoons of oil and give a small splash of sesame oil to the noodle, mix well and set aside on a big plate.

Prepare the sauce; add corn starch, oyster sauce, fish sauce, salt, sugar, white pepper and sesame oil to the ¼ cup of chicken stock and mix well.

After you see the steam is coming out from the side of the lid, open the lid (take the top shell out first) and stir the crab quickly for a minute.  Pour the already mixed sauce to the crab in the wok and stir quickly so everything can blend together.  Put in more chicken stock if the sauce to too thick or too dry.  Once it starts boiling again, turn off the heat and put the crab and sauce over the noodle.  Put the top shell back on the plate so your guests can see the entire crab.  For better visual result, it is always good to put a few julienned green onion and cilantro on top of the dish.

上湯薑蔥西岸大蟹 (生麵底)


2-3 磅龍蝦     一隻(切件)
薑                  一大塊(切粒)
生蔥               一紮(切度)
乾蔥               二個(切片)
蒜頭               二粒
洋蔥               半個(切粗絲)
生麵               四個
上湯                一杯
麵粉               一杯
上湯                一杯 (unsalted, 無鹽)
詔酒                四湯匙
油                    三杯


上湯                1/4杯 (unsalted, 無鹽)
蚝油                二茶匙
魚露               二茶匙
鹽                    半茶匙
糖                    半茶匙
古月粉             少許
麻油                半茶匙
生粉                一湯匙


在鍋中燒熱生油至中大火, 放入沾上麵粉的龍蝦走油約二至三分鐘, 拿出龍蝦, 把熱油倒出, 用大火放入約四湯匙生油, 加入薑, 生蔥, 乾蔥, 蒜頭, 洋蔥炒香, 加入詔酒, 放進正湯, 等湯滚後放入已走油的龍蝦, 蓋上鍋蓋焗約三至四分鐘, 拿開鍋蓋快手炒乾一半湯料, 加入獻汁混勻.
燒熱大鍋水至滚, 放入生麵快手混勻(十秒), 拿出麵後用少許熟油撈勻放上大碟上, 倒上已炒好之龍蝦, 加上少許芫荽便成.


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