Pan-fried pork baby back ribs coated with Chinese five-spice and Szechuan peppercorn seasoning – 生煎蒜茸椒鹽排骨

Best for serving as appetizer and snack during a hockey or basketball game.  You can make it super spicy (hot) if you want to add Thai or serrano pepper.


  • Use baby pork rib
  • Don’t marinade more than four hours because of the minced ginger
  • You can deep-fried the pork rib with an extra coating of dry flour if you are in a hurry
Pan-fried pork baby back ribs coated with Chinese five-spice and Szechuan peppercorn seasoning
Pan-fried pork baby back ribs coated with Chinese five-spice and Szechuan peppercorn seasoning


Baby back ribs                  1 ½ lbs (cut to small pieces)


Soy sauce                           ½ tablespoon

Oyster sauce                      ½ tablespoon

Salt                                        ¼ tablespoon

Sugar                                    ¼ tablespoon

Fresh ginger                      ½ tablespoon (minced)

Fresh garlic                       ½ tablespoon

Shaoxing wine                 2 tablespoon

Cornstarch mixture      2 tablespoon of cornstarch mix with 2 tablespoon of water

Marinade the pork rib with the above ingredients for at least an hour

Pan fried method:

Heat up a flat bottom cast iron pan under medium heat and put in ½ cup of cooking oil.  Pan-fry the pork rib piece by piece till golden brown color (both sides).  Place pork rib on a cookie rack to drip the excess oil.  Set aside for later use.

Szechuan Spicy salt mixture:

Kosher salt                                ½ teaspoon

Five spice powder                  ¼ teaspoon

Zedoary powder                     ¼ teaspoon

Szechuan pepper corn         ¼ teaspoon (grounded)

Use a dry small frying pan to quickly pan fry the above spices in medium heat for a minute, set aside.

Fresh aromatic spices:

Chopped ginger                                1 teaspoon

Chopped garlic                                1 teaspoon

Chopped shallot                              1 teaspoon

Chopped scallion                            1 teaspoon

Optional: chopped hot chili        1 teaspoon (only if you like the heat)


Put all the above fresh aromatic spices in a frying pan under medium to high heat with a teaspoon of oil.  Stir quickly to avoid burning. Once you can small the aroma coming out from the pan, you can put the already cooked spareribs to the spices and toss quickly.  Finally add the Szechuan Spicy salt mixture to the spareribs and mix well.  Garnish with scallion and cilantro.  Dinner is served.

小排骨                    一 磅半(切細件)
生抽                        半湯匙
蚝油                        半湯匙
鹽                            1/4湯匙
糖                            半湯匙
姜蓉                        半湯匙
蒜蓉                        半湯匙
詔酒                        二湯匙
生粉                        四湯匙

鹽                             半茶匙

五香粉                     1/4 茶匙
沙姜粉                     1/4 茶匙
川椒末                     1/4 茶匙
用乾鍋放入所有香末用中火炒約一分鐘, 留用.

姜碎                          一湯匙
蒜碎                         一湯匙
乾葱                         一湯匙
青怱粒                     二湯匙

**如喜食辣椒, 可加指天椒二三塊

燒熱鍋放入兩湯匙生油, 把排骨放入鍋中, 蓋上鍋蓋以中火煎約十分鐘, 翻轉排骨再煎十分鐘(可拿走鍋蓋)
以便排骨更有香味.  把煎好之排骨放上碟中後用. 將兩湯匙油的保留在鍋中, 放入以香料以中慢火炒香,
再放入椒鹽, 把排骨回鍋, 轉為中大火快手拌炒至透出香氣後上碟便成.


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  1. Hi Eddy, this dish looks very tasty. 🙂 I just want to let you know that I nominated your blog for an award. Please come and have a look. Congratulations!

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