Sous Vide Roasting Chicken

Since I started to use the Sous Vide precision cooker, my chicken is juicy and tender than ever!  The WiFi feature of my cooker allows me to control the starting time and finishing time even when I am not in the kitchen.  Dinner is ready the moment I arrive home!


  • Don’t buy chicken larger than 4 lbs, it’ll get tougher as it gets bigger
  • Split the chicken to half per vacuum bag.  It is easier to vacuum the bag and seal the juice inside
  • Save the juice inside the bag when the chicken is done, it is the most natural gravy you can ask for.
Sous Vide Roasting chicken_dinner is ready
Sous Vide Roasting chicken_dinner is ready


Fresh chicken                                                      3 1/2 lbs – split in half

Sweet onion                                                         few wedges

Shallot                                                                   1 small (cut to small pieces)

Lemon                                                                   2x slices

Garlic                                                                     1 piece

Celery                                                                     1 small piece (cut to small pieces)

Meat rub                                                                1 teaspoon (sprinkle to cover the entire chicken) -see meat rub recipe below



Vacuum sealer

Sous Vide cooker



Wash the chicken with cold water and pad dry.  Split the chicken to two half, remove the back bone.  Sprinkle meat rub onto the skin and the rib cage.  Place chicken in an 11′ FoodSaver Bag.  Add all the aromatic vegetables to the underside of the chicken,  Use the Vacuum sealer to seal the bag.

Add about eight litres of cold water in a large stock pot.  Set the Sous Vide cooker to 150F for five hours.  Submerge the vacuumed bag with the chicken in the water and secure it with a metal clip and start cooking.

After five hours, take the chicken out from the water and cut open the bag.  Collect the juice from the bag and put the chicken on a roasting tray.  Discard all the aromatic vegetables.  Set oven (I used only a toaster oven) to 450F and bake the chicken for 10 minutes.  Turn oven to broil and watch the chicken carefully to avoid burning the skin.  Once the chicken turns golden brown color, remove from oven.  Heat up the juice from the bag and drizzle it on the chicken.  Serve hot.


Meat rub:

Kosher salt                                                                    1/4 cup
Brown sugar                                                                 1/8 cup
Garlic powder                                                              2 Table spoon
Celery powder                                                              2 Table spoon
Herbes de provence                                                    1 tea spoon
Thyme                                                                           1/2 tea spoon
Paprika                                                                         1/2 tea spoon
Freshly ground Black pepper                                   1/2 tea spoon
Cumin powder                                                             1/2 tea spoon
Mix the above items in a small dry bowl and store it in an air tight jar for future use.


Chicken in vacuum bag
Chicken in vacuum bag
Chicken with herbs
Chicken with herbs
Chicken in vacuumed bag, 150F water bath for 5 hours
Chicken in vacuumed bag, 150F water bath for 5 hours
After 5 hrs,150F water
After 5 hrs,150F water
Place chicken on roasting pan in a 450F oven for 10 mins
Place chicken on roasting pan in a 450F oven for 10 mins
Sous Vide Roasting Chicken
Sous Vide Roasting Chicken




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