Pad Thai – Pad Thai noodles with prawns, tofu, peanuts in savory sweet sauce

I love Thai food so there is no surprise that I’m a big fan of Pad Thai, or Thai stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, peanuts in a sweet, tangy and savory sauce. Pad Thai is quite possibly the most famous Thai dish outside of Thailand.

Pad Thai is the most famous food export of Thailand.  It is as well known as spaghetti with meat ball from Italy  or Chicken chow mein from China.  Pad Thai is easy and simple to make but flavourful.

Pad Thai Noodle

Serve four


Rice noodles                                                                                          1 package
soak noodle in cold water for at least two hours until it turns white

oil                                                                                                                  3 tablespoons
garlic, finely minced                                                                           1 clove
medium-sized shrimp, shelled and remove the vien       x8
fried firm tofu, cut into slices                                                        x2
large egg                                                                                                    x4
bean sprouts                                                                                          1 cup

Shallot                                                                                                        1 piece – chopped
Chinese green chive                                                                          1 cup (cut to three-inch length)

Dry shrimp                                                                                              1/8 cup (soak in water for an hour)

dry chili                                                                                                     2 pieces – crushed

Preserved radish                                                                                1/4 cup – chopped

peanut                                                                                                       1/2 cup – crushed

Pad Thai sauce                                                                                     1/2 cup


Pad Thai sauce

Tamarind paste                                                                       4 tablespoons

fish sauce                                                                                  4 tablespoons

palm sugar                                                                                2 pieces (chopped)

water                                                                                          2 tablespoons

garlic                                                                                          1 clove -chopped

shallot                                                                                        1/2 piece – chopped

oil                                                                                                1 tablespoon


Simmer garlic and shallot in a small pot with a tablespoon of oil till translucent.  Add water, fish sauce, tamarind paste and palm, stir well until it is all mixed.  Use a strainer to filter out the garlic and shallot and store Pad Thai sauce in a small container.


Add two tablespoons of oil to a well seasoned wok (or a non-stick wok).  Put garlic and shallot and simmer till translucent.  Place tofu, crushed dry pepper, dry shrimps, preserved radish and fresh prawns to wok and mix well.  Remove prawns from the wok the moment they turn pink (60% cooked) and set aside.

Add already soaked noodle to wok, mix well.  (add a little bit of water if needed)   When you can see the noodle is getting soft, pour 1/4 cup of Pad Thai sauce to the noodle and stir well. Push the noodle to one side of the wok.  Add one tablespoon of oil to the side of the wok and put four eggs right on top of it.  Use a spatula to break the yolk and place the noodle directly on top of the egg.  Let it cook for a couple of minutes before you stir the noodle again.  (You want to show the egg when it is on the serving plate).

Add the rest of the Pad Thai sauce (1/4 cup) to the noodle and return the prawns to the wok, quickly mix it well.  Add half the peanut, green chive and bean sprout to the noodle and stir for a minute.  Remove the noodle from wok to a serving plate, place the rest of the bean sprout, green chive on the side of the plate with several wedges of freshly cut lime. Sprinkle the rest of the crushed peanut on top of the noodle before serving.


For better visual and taste result, place some mint and Thai basil leaves on top of the noodle before serving.

Pad Thai Sauce ready to use
Tamarind paste
Preserved radish
Ingredients for Pad Thai
Saute shallot, garlic, radish and dry shrimp

Put prawns in wok with firm tofu
Adding noodle to wok
Egg in wok
Add green chives to noodle and Pad Thai sauce to noodle
Mixing green chives, bean sprouts, and prawns in noodle
Pad Thai Noodle



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