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Parmeggiano Codfish: a recipe of Portuguese origin

Here is a recipe from another Eddy from Portugal.  He operates a restaurant named “Eddy’s Kitchen” and he is very kind to share his Parmeggiano Codfish receipe with us.

400 gm dryed and de-salted codfish (about 24h in water to de-salt it)

2 onions

2 dl Olive oil (Portuguese if possible)

4 garlic pieces

Persin (a full hand)and Muscat (teaspoon)

200 gm spinach leafs

2 dl Cream

1 parmeggiano package

700 gm of pommes d terre(paille)

2L of Milk


start by boiling the olive oil and throwing the onions sliced, and the garlic shredded, let it get some color, now throw the codfish in, mix it a couple times, pour half the milk, mix, get the spinach and the pommes in, mix, pour the rest of the milk and the cream, the cheese, let it boil and get creamy, put the Muscat and the persin in, mix, turn off the fire, get a ovenplate(don’t know the English term) and let the codfish grattinated, Presentation suggestion: make 3 small balls with a ice cream spoon, and serve with a Salad bouquet. Enjoy =)

Sushi Alentejano


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