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Hi, welcome to my blog! Everything comes from Eddy’s Kitchen!

My name is Eddy and I have been cooking since the age of 16. I was born in Macau and grew up in Hong Kong cooking traditional Chinese dishes, but I have since expanded and also enjoy cooking a wide variety of Western cuisine (Italian, French, Pacific Northwest, etc). I immigrated to Canada in 1969 and have been living here happily ever since.

Back in Hong Kong, I began at Mobil Cooking School(無比烹飪學校) in Hong Kong with Miss Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅).  I am posting all the original recipes from Mobil Cooking School(無比烹飪學校) written by Miss Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅).  These are some of the most original and the oldest Chinese cooking recipes from 50 years ago.  It is really my honor and privilege to spend a year learning my basic Chinese  skill from Miss Tam.  It forms the foundation of my cooking knowledge.  Unfortunately all the original recipes are in Chinese and I have no translation yet.  It’ll be a project for me in the future.  However I’ve scanned all the original recipes as PDF file so you can download it and try it out!

Mobile Cooking School_Updated Version

Recently I received a big surprise from a classmate whom I went to school with from Simon Fraser University.  Eugenia found my cooking blog and we started to communicate through email and text messages.  She has a collection of Miss Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅) recipe clippings from the TVB TV Guide cooking show in the 70’s.  The following is a copy of the original article.

Miss Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅) recipe clippings

The Original Mobil Cooking Guide, First Edition February, 1968
The Original Mobil Cooking Guide, First Edition February, 1968
譚國梅, Ms. Tam in her TV cooking show in 1970

Since moving to Canada, I have also taken cooking courses at Dubrulle (now known as the Art Institute) with Soren Fakstorp, Michael Noble, Rob Feenie, and more. I shop every day and I cook every day, which is the best practice of all. Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies and I sometimes come up with new dishes even in my sleep! I am looking forward to sharing all of my favourite dishes so you can prepare them in your own home as well.

All of the recipe photos on my blog are original and taken by me or my daughter, Vanessa, after we are done cooking. She helps me with my photos and my blog and I teach her all of my time-tested recipes.

Eddy cooking Pad Thai, Posh PantryI am not a professional chef and I don’t want to be one; however, cooking is a passion for me and I love to eat! Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies and I’m glad to share my recipes with you on this blog. I would also like to incorporate many of my little tricks and strategies that are usually not taught in a recipe book.

Favourite dish (Western): Linguine with a light tomato sauce

Favourite dish (Eastern): Steamed minced pork cake with mushrooms (jing jiu-yook)

Favourite ingredient: Seafood

Portrait taken by my daughter Vanessa

Cooking at home will give you the best quality of food — in terms of health, freshness, and best of all, cost-savings. Even when you are eating in a first-class restaurant, you often have no idea what you get on your plate. Every month, I read the restaurant and food outlet closure reports. You will see a long list of disgusting reasons: pest infestations, rodent droppings, unsanitary workers, and the list goes on. When you cook at home, you know exactly what you are putting into your food. At least if you find a hair in your food, it will only be your own!

To me, value vs. cost is a very important formula. I don’t mind when things are expensive, as long as I receive the proper value — for example, AAA beef is double the cost of AA beef, but I will pay for the AAA because it is well worth the price. When you are shopping, keep this in mind. There are some things worth paying for and it is important to eat fresh and healthy ingredients. For me, I like to shop locally and shop every day. My favourite places to shop in Vancouver are in Chinatown, where you can chat directly with the shop owners and have a large selection of different types of ingredients. For certain ingredients, I go to specific places: Santa Barbara Market on Commercial Drive for cheap cold cuts and various Italian ingredients, Bosa Foods and Cioffi’s Meat Market for consistent selection and fresh things like bocconcini, and Red Apple Market for convenience and great fresh selection.

It is very important to know the market value of things you commonly buy. For me, I often don’t know what to cook until I visit the market at 4:00pm. Whatever is on special, is fresh, and is appetizing is what usually ends up on my plate a few hours later. My day-to-day cooking is not complicated and not expensive. Know what you are buying and eating!

Summer Fishing in Ucluelet with Captain Nick
Summer Fishing in Ucluelet with Captain Nick

I catch my own salmon every year off the West Coast of Vancouver Island with my fishing charter captain Nick Yanchuk.   There is nothing better catching your own fish in the morning and having it for dinner the same evening. You can visit his site here: http://www.morningmagic.com/

QC fishing
Catching a Pacific Spring Salmon – Queen Charlotte Islands, BC
Cooking in a professional kitchen at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
Recent Chinese Cooking Class in Eden West Kitchen, Port Moody, BC
Recent Chinese Cooking Class in Eden West Kitchen, Port Moody, BC
Chinese Cooking demo in Eden West Kitchen, Port Moody, BC
Chinese Cooking demo in Eden West Kitchen, Port Moody, BC
Ready to mince – Kitchen Therapy, October 2016
Eddy cooking Pad Thai, Posh Pantry
47 pounds Halibut caught off the coast of Ucluelet, Vancouver Island with The Morning Magic Sporting.
47 pounds Halibut caught off the coast in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island with The Morning Magic Sporting.



23 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Fawley says:

    Hey Eddy,
    That is very cool. Funny, I am starving all of a sudden.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Looking good…..Cousin!

  3. Eddy says:

    hey eddy, i’m eddy too=)!
    i’m from portugal, and i started my life around kitchens by the age of 13.
    Coincidently, i have a restaurant called Eddy’s Kitchen, and i also enjoy fishing my own fish.
    i was googling my restaurant and found you. Hope everything good with you

  4. Iris says:

    What a great resource. I love it!! I’m going to look forward to your new creations.

  5. Bob says:

    Hello Eddy:

    I’ve known you since the Dubrulle days as I used to be the registrar there.
    Anyway……a lot of people are saying to minimize the white rice consumption and switch over to brown rice. That’s okay and has an added dimension when mixing it in with Chinese food.
    What I’m excited about is using either small or large cous cous with Thai ,Chinese, and Indian Food…really enhances all the different flavours
    of each cuisine. Thai Swimming Rama (Chicken & spinach in peanut sauce), Indian Butter Chicken, and Black Bean Bitter Melon with Beef
    tastes really good with cous cous. Heck….I can even put it in a rice bowl, and shovel it into my mouth with a chopstick……AND so much healthier?

    1. eddyskitchen says:

      Thanks Bob for your great comment! I’ll see if I could find more healthier recipes……..

  6. Sandra says:

    Hadn’t visited for a while since I lost the link. I love the expansion to restaurant reviews and your favorite places to shop. One request…..can you please consider providing an english translation to some of your chinese recipes. Otherwise I will need to ask my mom and she will wonder why I am preferring your recipes over hers.

    1. eddyskitchen says:

      Stay tune….the English translation is coming soon!!!!!

      1. Grace says:

        Hi Eddy, I love the restaurants that you and defiantly some are my favorite restaurants as well, I would like to ask which dim sum restaurants would you recommend in the lower mainland. However, I would like to know is how could I get a copy of Ms. Tam Kwok Mui (譚國梅)’s cookbook in English. In fact back in the day my mother had taken her class but till this day she still cannot cook (my wonderful auntie, her little sister did it all). I now enjoy the art of cooking and am mainly self taught or whatever that catches my eye as I watch the shows on the Fairchild station. I would really hope to be able to obtain a copy of Ms Tam’s cookbook in English as my Chinese reading is very limited. I can fluent speak Cantonese and a little bit of Mandarin but reading and is not the best.
        Thank you, very much

  7. Judy James says:

    Hi Eddie, It was so nice to meet you and Sophia on our cruise – we had the best time ever! I’m excited to read through your recipes – I’ll let you know how I like them. I’ve learned a lot already from you regarding cruising and cooking. I’m looking for your next website – “Ask Eddie”, ha! ha!

    Judy James

  8. Jennifer says:

    So many wonderful new additions since I last browsed on here. Thanks for the inspiration, Eddy. I will let you know how I do with your recipes!

  9. Pam Farish says:

    Hi Eddy,
    Wasn’t too hard to find you googling Eddy’s Kitchen as you suggested. Great to bump into you on West Broadway recently. Wonderful looking food and recipes.

  10. Angela Shum Sydney, Australia says:

    Hi, Eddy,

    Good to hear you was a student of Ms Tam. She was one of the best hostess in HK cooking shows. I still remember she used the traditional Chinese cooking methods which not many people know how to do it now.I was only under 10 years old. She taught a lot of restaurant level dishes. My interest of cooking is really start from her show.

  11. Kaaya_Fitness_Coach says:


    I enjoyed reading about you and your love for food. I hope to learn a lot on your blog about cooking from your point of view.

    Have you been to Macau recently? I went about ten years ago, though I don’t remember the cuisine. The cuisine in Hong Kong is AMAZING!!!

    Any ways, hope to learn more about the recipes you like and more about the recipes from Mobile Cooking School.

    Raj H.

  12. Hi Eddy, thank you so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours! You’ve demonstrated deep knowledge in both Eastern and Western cuisines through your extensive range of recipes. Thanks for sharing so many authentic Cantonese recipes because I’ll be sure to try a lot of them to please my HongKong native wife :). Thanks again for the great work and I can’t to explore more of your blog!!

  13. Susanna says:

    Like your dishes. But how come only typed in English. Should write that in Chinese too.

  14. Letei says:

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, Eddy 🙂 I love your blog. You have all sorts of mouthwatering things here. Your Asian food section especially caught my eye b/c I’m an ABC, and have recently began to try learning how to cook more Chinese (esp. Cantonese) food…the thought of some day being unable to recreate and eat my some of my favorite foods from childhood is a powerful motivator!

  15. Priscilla says:

    I am so happy to bump into your site. What a treasure! Thank you for sharing your scrumptious and traditional recipes! Please keep the recipes coming. =)

  16. Dennis Lau says:

    Dear Eddy,

    I am an amateur chef that bumped into your blog while searching for the legendary old Mobil recipes. Thank you for sharing the old recipes (which can no longer be found anywhere else) and creating new ones based on the skills you developed over the years. Keep it up!

    Greetings from Hong Kong 🙂

    1. eddyskitchen says:

      Thanks Dennis for your comment! It has Been fun cooking Chinese for all these years. I have to adjust to the local equipments and ingredients. Since after my retirement four years ago, I have. been teaching 老番 how to cook Chinese food in Vancouver. My next project is to publish a cookbook for my friends. Good luck to your cooking journey in Hong Kong!

  17. Anna says:

    What a great blog! love it!

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