Hickory Smoked Centre Cut Pork Loin

I don’t buy deli meat for my sandwich anymore!  The deli meat you buy from the shop is usually full of preservatives and chemicals.  Can you imagine the expiry date on the package is six months away!  Also you have no ideas when they prepare the meat in the packer and who touched it.  I am making my own deli meat now because I know how I make them and what I put in it.  here is a very simple way to prepare a smoked lean centre cut pork loin (back bacon) for your lunch next week.

Hickory Smoked Centre cut Pork Loin

Key Points:

  • Use a slow roasting method, 275F to retain meat’s moisture.
  • There is no need to marinade the meat for a long period of time.
  • Soak the Hickory wood for 1/2 hour before smoking.

Cooking time:

About two hours


Centre cut pork loin                   two lbs

Rock salt                                         2 table-spoons

Fresh rosemary – chopped      2 tea-spoons

Grounded black pepper            1 tea-spoon

Roasting method:

Mix all dry ingredients well in a mixing bowl and spread it on a big plate.  Roll the pork loin over the marinade well.  Insert a cooking temperature thermometer to the centre of the pork loin and pre-heat the oven to 275F.  Put the pork loin in the oven until internal temperature reached 125F.   Turn up your BBQ set to high and put the smoking tray directly over the burner.  Transfer the roast over to the BBQ grill (the side without the flame) and cover the lid of the BBQ.  The smoke should circulate slowly.  This procedure should last for about 30 minutes.  Take the roast out and let it cool off.   You have the option to eat it right away as dinner with apple sauce.   Or you can portion the roast and vacuum pack the meat for future use.

Smoking Ingredients:

Hickory wood chips – a hand full (pre-soak for 1/2 hour)

Maple Syrup                – 1 table-spoon

Preparation of Pork Loin before roasting
Pork loin before smoking
Pork loin after smoking

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