Chinese Style Barbeque Pork – 明爐义燒

Barbeque Pork is so special in Chinese cuisine – you can find it anywhere in the world when you see a Chinese.   There are numerous “Sub” recipes under the BBQ pork heading such as BBQ pork bun, BBQ pork fried rice, BBQ pork egg foo yong or BBQ pork noodle.  It is great to eat it fresh or keep it in the freezer for other recipes.  When I make my BBQ pork, I always make 5-6 lbs in one batch.

It is important to buy the right kind of pork.  Ask your butcher to pick the ‘Pork Butt” shoulder cut.   However I would prefer the first two cuts of the meat as it balances with fat and lean meat like a sandwich.  In Chinese term, we call this cut 枚頭上肉, shoulder upper cut.  Please see the following picture as your shopping guidance.  The lower cut is called 赤肉or the red lean cut.  You only want this portion of the pork if you are on a diet.

Key Points:

  • Always buy the upper cut of the pork shoulder butt (枚頭上肉)
  • Use maltose (麥芽糖) when you prepare the glaze instead of “Honey”
  • Always marinade the pork overnight
Barbeque Pork dinner with Jasmine rice


4 lbs x Pork should butt (cut to 5 to 6 thick strips)

Pork Shoulder Butt upper cut – great marble between fat and lean meat


2 table spoons ground bean sauce

2 table spoons Hosein sauce

2 table spoons of oyster sauce

2 table spoons of dark soy sauce

8 table spoons of white sugar

2 table spoons of yellow Chinese cooking wine


Mix the marinade together – except the cooking wine – in a bowl and cook it in microwave for three minutes. (To avoid the sauce from splashing in the microwave, it is a good idea to cover it.)  Take it out from the microwave and put in the cooking wine, mix well.

Pour the marinade to the already cut up pork strips and mix well.  Cover it and let it sit in the fridge over night.

Preheat oven to 425F. Place pork strip on a cookie rack with a cookie tray underneath it to catch the dripping and let it roast for 40 minutes or until the pork strips turn to dark brown color.  Turn over the pork and roast the other side for another 20 minutes.

In summer time I always use my patio BBQ set to grill my BBQ pork for extra flavor.  Use low heat and avoid grease fire.


2 table spoons of Maltose

4 table spoons of water

Dash of salt

Put the maltose, water and salt in a deep dish.  Place dish in microwave and let it cook for one minutes. Take the dish out and mix the content well.  Coat the already cooked BBQ pork with the maltose coating and set aside.  You can cover it with a piece of tin foil and let it rest for half an hour before cutting.

BBQ Pork soy sauce:

1 teaspoon of dark soy sauce

1 teaspoon of light soy sauce

2 tablespoons of water

1 tablespoon of white sugar

Small piece of garlic

Small piece of anise

Put everything in a cup and cook it in microwave for a minute.  Stir the sauce well and make sure the sugar is all dissolve. Discard the garlic and anise and the sauce is ready as a final touch when you cut up the BBQ pork.

As a variation, I use chicken wing instead of pork.  Trust me, it is delicious.

Sauces for marinade
BBQ pork on grill
BBQ pork is ready with the glaze coating
Steamy Hot Barbeque Pork with Maltose Glaze
Barbeque Pork over rice – dinner is served
BBQ pork dinner is ready


枚頭上肉           5-6磅


糖                       6湯匙

磨豉醬               2湯匙

甜醬(海鮮醬)   2湯匙

蠔油                   2湯匙

老抽                    2湯匙

玫瑰露                2湯匙

紅粉(paprika)   ½茶匙


麥芽糖          4湯匙

白糖              2湯匙

鹽                   1荼匙

水                   ¼杯



八角             1/4槐

老抽             2湯匙

生抽             1湯匙

水                 1/4杯

糖                  2湯匙



將枚上肉切成長絛(义燒形), 放入盆中後用.

把所有醃肉醬料放進盆中攪勻, 放入微波爐中高火煮七分鍾, 取出後加入玫瑰露酒攪勻. 將煮好的醃肉醬放進豬肉盆中拌勻, 放入雪櫃中24小時.


BBQ爐開高火約十分鐘, 把醃好的豬肉放上爐架上, 收BBQ爐至慢火, 關上爐蓋約20分鍾, 開蓋翻轉豬肉再燒20分鐘(注意: 如有BBQ爐太熱有油火發生, 可將肉放上碟中至油火關滅後再把肉放回爐架.)

打開爐蓋開高火, 把义燒燒至深黃紅色, 取出义燒後放進蜜汁中攪勻, 切件供食, 可放上少許义燒豉油一同食用.


開焗爐至400度火, 將豬肉放上大盤. (盤上有架) 放入焗爐中約30分鍾, 翻轉豬肉再燒20分鐘至深黃紅色, 取出义燒後放進蜜汁中攪勻, 切件供食. 可放上少許义燒豉油一同食用


可以用以上义燒做法以排骨代替, 是為”燒排骨”, 有骨有肉, 老幼咸宜.


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